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Rimowa’s aluminium watch case is made for the style-conscious horology enthusiast

Holding up to three timepieces, it also costs more than the brand's largest suitcase.

Known for its grooved suitcases made of polycarbonate or aluminium that are favoured by style-conscious travellers, German-based and LVMH-owned premium luggage brand Rimowa has just launched a watch case.

Collaborating with the fashionable likes of Moncler and Dior, Rimowa has been expanding its offerings beyond luggage of late. With the latter, it created a range of items comprising not just suitcases but also hard-shell clutches and hand-carry cases. This June, it also launched its eyewear collection. With travel having come to a virtual standstill around the globe, it’s as good a time as any for Rimowa to continue diversifying its catalogue.


Rimowa watch case

Measuring 26.7cm (length) x 8.5cm (depth) x 11.2cm (height), the new watch case is made of aluminium, and features the grooved exterior and curved edges characteristic of the brand’s luggage. Its interior is lined with microfibre, and includes three removable padded cushions, as well as an additional top cushion layer to protect the precious ticking cargo within. Even though it looks pretty cool, we must admit that its price tag made us do a double take: At S$2,850, the Rimowa Watch Case is pricier than any of the brand’s suitcases, not including its collaborative designer pieces.

Rimowa watch case

That said, perhaps there is more to its construction than meets the eye. According to the press notes, the watch case took “nearly two years of meticulous development” and features a unique construction whereby “the cylindrical design seamlessly glides open at either end”. Whatever it is, you can’t put a price on coolness, so expect to see this carrying case pop up at a watch GTG (watch enthusiast-speak for get-together) near you soon.

The Rimowa Watch Case will be available for pre-order from 12 Nov, and will arrive in selected stores in December.

Rimowa watch case