At Milan Fashion Week recently, fashion’s hottest cold-weather brand Moncler gave fans a look at its 2020 slate of designer collaborations, collectively known as Genius. For sure, there’s plenty to look forward to in the year ahead, including new capsule ranges by buzzy names such as Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson, Queen Liz-approved designer Richard Quinn and streetwear royalty like Matthew Williams of 1017 Alyx 9SM.

One of the most eye-catching launches was the Rimowa “Reflection” suitcase: It’s not easy to ignore luggage adorned with a large, ticker-style digital display. This programmable LED screen allows travellers to customise messages using a purpose-built app. According to Moncler, the innovation is supposed to “mirror the way people express themselves online” and “reframe modes of digital communication in the physical dimension with hyper-personalised luggage”. Maybe. After all, why stop at checking in on Facebook and letting just your circle of acquaintances know that you’re en route to a luxurious resort getaway when you could inform everyone you pass at the airport of the same with a lit-up, crawling “(insert name of private island) HERE I COME”?


Rimowa debuts a programmable LED screen as part of its Moncler collaboration.

Aside from the optional dynamic digital placard, the Rimowa-Moncler suitcase also grabs attention with its ultra-mirrored finish. Inspired by the lacquered effect of Moncler’s down jackets and the reflective, anti-glare finishes found on mountaineering gear, the high-shine surface takes Rimowa’s signature aluminium to the next, unapologetically striking level. As if realising that all this might be a tiny bit much, the brands then wisely balanced things out with matte black handles and riveted corners, as well as a dark grey luggage tag and belt by Moncler.


Moncler Rimowa luggage
Dark accents balance out the high shine of this aluminium suitcase.

The Moncler Rimowa “Reflection” will  be available from June 2020 in Moncler and Rimowa stores worldwide, and on That’s plenty of time to contemplate what you want your LED screen to say.