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TAG Heuer introduces a new golf edition for its popular Connected watch

It won't improve your golf swing, but the TAG Heuer Connected golf edition is still a great tool for golfers on the course.

I remember when TAG Heuer first launched the Connected watch back in 2015. It was a revelation at that time – a Swiss watchmaker taking a risk by jumping into the world of smartwatches while its contemporaries dithered on the sidelines. Since then, the TAG Heuer Connected premium smartwatch has been a resounding success, so much so that the watchmaker announced the third generation of the model in March this year.

TAG Heuer hasn’t stopped there. The brand recently unveiled a Connected smartwatch aimed at golfers who want to improve their game. Or if you’re anything like me, realise how terrible you are at golf. This is an update of the first Golf edition that was launched last year and is designed and developed entirely in-house by an expert team led by TAG Heuer’s CEO, Frederic Arnault.

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A golfer takes a swing while wearing the TAG Heuer Connected Golf edition.

A golfer takes a swing while wearing the TAG Heuer Connected Golf edition.

The highly popular TAG Heuer Golf app offers features such as 3D mapping, hazards distance, shot tracking, scorecards, pro stats and a new Driving Zone feature, which is a new and nifty software that improves your score by mapping the landing zone of your previous tee shots. So, if you have a tendency to slice your ball into the shrubbery (as I’m apt to do), the feature will give you the necessary adjustments you need to make sure you start hitting the fairways instead.

The app contains 99 per cent of the golf courses around the world (about 40,000 maps), all precisely 3D mapped by the team and continuously updated each time the course is redesigned.

The Connected watch, which measures 45mm across the dial and is housed in a black titanium case, is presented on a special white rubber strap with green stitching and a texture that resembles the pattern on a golf ball, as well as a black perforated rubber alternative for everyday and more formal uses. Specially for the Golf edition, TAG Heuer is also introducing new variations of its five custom-designed mechanical or digital-inspired always-on watch faces. The watch also comes with a travel pouch and accessory box that contains four TAG Heuer-branded tees, a divot tool and three TAG Heuer-branded balls.

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The TAG Heuer Connected Golf edition smartwatch has about 40,000 courses on its app.

The TAG Heuer Connected Golf edition smartwatch has about 40,000 courses on its app.

While TAG Heuer boutiques in Singapore are still close, you can purchase the watch online at Dial the number listed to reach a sales associate, who will assist you with the shopping experience. After making the purchase, your watch will be delivered to you by a member of the TAG Heuer team right to your doorstep. Now, here’s to hoping that the golf courses will reopen soon so that I can take the Connected watch out for a spin on the courses.

The TAG Heuer Connected Golf limited edition smartwatch is priced at S$3,600.