Wash and wear: Z Zegna

As workplace studies like the one conducted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business continue to prove that remote working contributes to greater productivity, working from home might be a longer-term reality for some, even when the pandemic comes under control. For those who still enjoy the sharpness of a suit, technologically driven tailoring offers smart ensembles that are as easy to wear as they are to care for.

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Z Zegna Techmarino
Z Zegna’s Techmerino Wash & Go suits are light and breathable.

When Z Zegna launched the Techmerino Wash & Go collection in 2018, the series of suits – which did not require dry cleaning and could be machine-washed without any deterioration to quality, comfort and performance – was quite the game changer. With dry cleaners closed during this pandemic, it almost seems the brand was somehow prescient, too. The collection is made with natural, quick-drying, high-performance merino wool fabric, so it will not start smelling musty on rainy days. It’s also thermo-regulating, which helps to keep your body temperature constant, even when you’re in a heated board meeting. And because it doesn’t contain any synthetic fibres, the garments are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The inconvenient truth about dry cleaning is that it’s neither good for our health nor that of the planet. Many dry cleaners use a chemical solvent called perchloroethylene or PERC, a hazardous air contaminant. Post dry-cleaning, PERC becomes toxic waste, liable to seep into the earth, contaminating groundwater. The combination of PERC as well as friction inherent in the dry- cleaning process can, over time, shorten the lifespan of your garments.

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It’s a good thing then that the wool fibres in Z Zegna’s Techmerino Wash & Go suits remain resilient and elastic wash after wash, thanks to a special finishing treatment developed by the company. Artistic director Alessandro Sartori continues to explore the possibilities of the unique fabric, developing a crease-free merino natural wool, which shines with tactile, textured effects in Z Zegna’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection. In the Ermenegildo Zegna main line, he and his team have also created a wrinkle-free, travel-friendly option dubbed the Packaway Suit. Featuring one canvas layer instead of three, the suit is lighter and takes up less space in the suitcase, packing away neatly in a compact pouch.

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