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The Savvy Watch Collector: Where You Should Store Your Luxury Timepieces

Five watch storage solutions to pamper your stash, from the nifty to the lavish.

Once you have amassed a nice collection of tickers, do them justice by giving them a good home (within yours, of course). We’re talking about safes, trunks and watch winders that can double as handsome display cases. Here’s a round-up of some of our go-to labels for watch storage solutions, as well as a couple of specific pieces that have caught our eye.

  • dottlings-limited-edition-safe-for-jaeger-lecoultre

    Pure Luxury: Dottling Luxury Safes

    Balancing traditional handcraftsmanship with modern or customised design is the forte of this 97-year-old German firm. Its luxury safes range from the classic to the creative: Dottling has made pieces inspired by the works of German-American architect Lud wig Mies van der Rohe and collaborated with fashion doyen Karl Lagerfeld on a limited-edition watch and jewellery safe.

    In 2009, Dottling also produced for Jaeger-LeCoultre a limited-edition safe that accompanies a set of three ultra-high-complication watches: the Hybris Mechanica a Grande Sonnerie, Hybris Mechanica a Gyrotourbillon, and Hybris Mechanica a Triptyque.

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Celine Yap has a decade of experience in luxury watch journalism, and has served in senior positions at specialist horology magazines such as World of Watches and Revolution.