“In 2012, Cartier held its Time Art exhibition at the ArtScience Museum, and it had a huge impact on me. I loved the mystery clocks in particular because they are beautiful, and their engineering and design (featuring seemingly floating hands) are ingenious. After the exhibition, I became very interested in Cartier. I wanted a watch that wasn’t too sporty or dressy and would fit my small wrist nicely. That’s how I got my first serious watch, the Cartier Santos 100 (pictured, left).”


“My vintage IWC Ingenieur 3508 (pictured) from the ’80s is my daily beater. This is the earliest high-rating, anti-magnetic watch, and it can resist magnetic fields of up to 500,000 A/m (6,250 Gauss). It was an engineering marvel but a commercial flop. Instead of using a soft-iron cage to protect the movement – like most anti-magnetic watches in the past had – IWC switched out the ferrous materials in an ETA movement for non-ferrous ones. It also used nickel-based alloy components and the original steel rotor was changed to one made from 21K gold. This is not well-known because it’s all hidden in the case.”

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“My first precious metal watch was a vintage gold Grand Seiko from the ’70s (pictured), which I got a few years back. I didn’t buy it at first sight and then I dreamt about it being sold three days later. I woke up with this sense of worry and regret [laughs]. That was a clear sign that I had to get it. After I bought it, I did some research and found out that the little indentations on the case were made with a dental drill. This is unique because most similar-looking finishes are hammered or cast. After you get a gold watch, there’s no going back – steel watches start to feel like toys.”


“My boyfriend is a Rolex fanboy. To mark our first anniversary together, we got a pair of Tudor Black Bay watches – a 36mm black dial for him and a 31mm blue dial for me. We were pretty lucky for our second anniversary this year. I managed to get a Rolex Oyster Perpetual (OP) 31mm with the turquoise dial, while he got a 36mm OP model with a bright blue dial.”

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“At some point, I was convinced that A. Lange & Sohne makes the best watches. My Lange 1 in yellow gold (pictured) is one of the earlier references and features an older movement. My new grail is the Little Lange 1 Moon Phase that was launched this year. Besides being beautiful, I like its size. Just perfect for me. It’s well-executed, and I love that the date wheel is dark blue. I’m definitely going to get it – it’s just a matter of when.”


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