[dropcap size=small]E[/dropcap]ven in a casual ensemble of ripped clothing, Thomas Beattie looks a world away from his childhood days. The dapper Yorkshire native explains: “I’m from a very humble working class part of town. People were generous and kind, but it was tough. A lot of illegal activity in the UK comes through my town, because it is such a small, poorly regulated port. The struggle from childhood probably saved me in a way. I woke up every day hungering for something bigger.”

Eventually, football brought Beattie out of Yorkshire to play professionally in London, South Carolina, Norway, Australia and Singapore. However, while playing for the SAF Warriors FC in 2015, a devastating head collision with another player abruptly ended his professional football career.

Left with a crushed forehead and facial fractures, Beattie needed facial implants and months of reconstructive surgery. But instead of being beaten down, he reinvented himself and co-founded several companies, including Ovvy in 2018, an app connecting providers and clients who need plumbing, electrical work and other services; Latent Epicure, which manufactures battery operated salt and pepper grinders; and marketing agencies Chow Social and Roque Press.

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Today, there is no trace of injury on the 33-year-old, who has modelled for fashion label Ermenegildo Zegna and Alila hotels. “I’m pretty vain, I’m not going to lie!” he says with a laugh. “I think it’s important to take care of your body. I try to work out daily. I’ve been an athlete from such a young age, so my body craves physical exertion. I play tennis and football, and I swim.”

To stay lean, he ensures that his diet is calorie-deficit for three days a week, which helps him burn fat, and calorie-surplus for one. “My diet is pretty consistent: chicken, broccoli and asparagus twice a day, a protein shake after working out, etc. I enjoy eating out so I make sure I earn that.”

What is your personal style?

It depends on the occasion, but I often favour the timeless “clean and preppy” look. During the day, I typically wear tailored or suit trousers, slightly raised at the ankle, with loafers or boat shoes. I often pair these with a polo shirt, tucked in to my belt. As a business owner, especially in new media and apps, I don’t have to be super formal in the day, although I like to look clean and crisp nonetheless. On more relaxed occasions, I’m most likely in ripped jeans, Louboutin sneakers and a classic plain white tee.

Do you shop online or offline?

I do most of my shopping offline, the traditional way, but I get my style influences online. However, I do like to order more exclusive shoes and trainers on Mr Porter and Farfetch.

What are the brands that help you achieve your style?

I usually wear shirts from UK brands Father & Sons and Sik Silk, which specialise in fitted shirts and polo tees for more athletic physiques. I am a big fan of Gucci and Louboutin shoes. I enjoy adding accessories like a Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet watch. At the moment, I favour Tom Ford suits or the odd fitted ensemble from Suit Supply.

Any style quick fixes or shortcuts to feeling your best?

I like getting a haircut once a week. A regular hair trim makes me feel fresh and I emerge from a good traditional men’s barber shave feeling brand new. A nice new pair of white sneakers or a crisp white fitted T-shirt is another easy way to freshen up your ensemble. There is a lot to be said for purchasing from quality, high-end fashion brands, but I believe style is something you can’t buy. Knowing and understanding your body and character is important for feeling confident in your preferred attire.

Singapore can get really hot. How do you dress for the weather?

To be honest, I go from condo to gym and office to restaurant in my car. I try to limit the time I spend outside in the heat. I don’t like being sweaty. I like jackets and denim, so if you give me a choice between looking good and being hot, I’m going to go with looking good. I’ll take the sweat (laughs).

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