Steve McCurry x Vacheron Constantin


Just a couple of months ago, Vacheron Constantin unveiled the second part of its Overseas Tour photography project here in Singapore – aboard the Royal Albatross yacht, no less. The tour features specially commissioned works by renowned American lensman Steve McCurry, who is best known for his portrait Afghan Girl, a 1985 National Geographic cover image featuring a young woman in a red headscarf.

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The Overseas Tour project has been a key aspect of the promotional activities for Vacheron Constantin’s new Overseas collection, a range of sporty travel watches. McCurry’s (rather enviable) task: Journey to 12 locations across the globe, and capture scenes embodying the Overseas collection and its associations with travel. The first series of images was launched in May.

The images by McCurry include shots of lesser-known locales such as Chefchaouen in Morocco (pictured) and Padre Tembleque in Mexico, as well as famous landmarks like Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Magnificent man-made structures – a 13-storey stepwell in India, a 500-year-old aqueduct in Mexico – are juxtaposed with diminutive human figures against expansive landscapes.

It all makes for a memorable way to bring to life the travel theme associated not just with Vacheron Constantin’s latest watches, but the brand itself. In a time when more people are placing greater value on experiences rather than objects, focusing on the wider world could well be an effective way to reinforce the 261-year-old brand’s place within it.


Dani Olivier x Corum

This year, Corum brought the Bubble – a watch with a domed sapphire crystal – back under the spotlight. The two limited edition designs feature abstract nudes by French photographer Dani Olivier, whose works feature human bodies bathed in striations of light.


Dan Holdsworth x Audemars Piguet


Audemars Piguet’s new lounge at Art Basel 2016 hosted a new series of works by British photographer Dan Holdsworth. The series, Continuous Topography, is an investigation of the geological formations in the Vallee de Joux in the Jura Mountains – the home of Audemars Piguet.