Another day, another fashion collaboration. This time, it’s between two of today’s coolest guys in menswear — Virgil Abloh of Louis Vuitton, and Nigo, streetwear veteran and founder of brands like A Bathing Ape and Human Made.

Set to launch on two separate dates (June 26 and Aug 28), the LV2 collection is a one-off range combining the aesthetic sensibilities of both designers. Tailoring (with a twist) is a focus of the collection, reflecting as it does the English subcultures that inspired Nigo’s early designs, and the relaxed tailoring that Abloh has been promulgating at Louis Vuitton. Hence, for instance, looks such as a cropped Mod suit featuring a magnified take on Louis Vuitton’s Damier check.

Aside from tailored suits and separates, there are also more casual pieces, such as a double-faced duffle coat with a micro-check lining, and a black fishtail parka. Denim has a strong presence, and features a mash-up of the Louis Vuitton monogram and a graphic take on the Damier check. This brings us to our favourite part of the collab: Those. Bags.

Since Abloh took the menswear reins at Louis Vuitton in 2018, he has rolled out plenty of desirable bags, including editions made from iridescent PVC to those that glow in the dark. The LV2 collection is no exception, with some added whimsical flair courtesy of Nigo. Seen on styles including a tote, a backpack and a Keepall duffle bag, the Louis Vuitton monogram “melts” into the Damier check — a fun nod to Nigo’s Icecream streetwear line. How desirable are they? We say, start pestering your favourite Louis Vuitton sales assistant now. Below, all the looks from this first drop.