Strong start

“I’ve always liked watches, but I became a lot more interested in them after meeting my husband, who’s very much into watches. I received my first watch, when I was still in school – a Titoni that I wore everywhere. Even today, I prefer buying watches over jewellery because I feel like watches serve a purpose.”

Lesson to remember

“My first luxury watch was a 31mm Rolex Lady-Datejust in steel, with diamond hour markers. I bought it in 1995. I had received a pretty big bonus at work, so I thought I deserved something nice. But in 2012, I lost the watch, along with my wedding band. I used to go to the gym every morning and I would put my watch and ring into a pouch while I worked out. I don’t know if I dropped it or if it was stolen. I don’t wear my watches to the gym anymore. A couple of years later, I bought another Lady-Datejust because I really missed my watch.”

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Living large

“In the early 2000s, I began getting into bigger watches. My husband and I were in Florence, Italy, which is where Panerai started. We went to its original boutique and it is a tiny shop. Initially, I thought my husband was crazy for liking their watches because they were so big – it was like wearing a clock on your wrist. But he tried on a watch, and it looked really nice. Subsequently, when we were back in Singapore, I got myself the Luminor Marina PAM 113.”

Decisive action

“I bought the Panerai Radiomir Black Seal Automatic PAM 287 (pictured) when I was in Taipei for a holiday. Whenever my husband and I go to a new city, we make it a point to visit a Panerai boutique there. I tried on the PAM 287 and liked how it looked and felt. I also liked it because my husband has another Black Seal model. I didn’t buy it immediately; I thought I’d walk around and come back if I really wanted it. I was back in the boutique within 30 minutes (laughs).”

Forward planning

“In recent years, I’ve become interested in Patek Philippe as well. I bought two ladies Nautilus Ref. 7118 watches – the blue-dialled version for me and the white-dialled one for my daughter, who’s 20 because I like its versatility and elegance. I also got an Audemars Piguet Millenary (pictured) for her, but I’m the one wearing it occasionally because she’s not interested in such timepieces right now. She’s still young, but I’m sure she will appreciate having all these watches without having to buy them one day.”

Watches that best represent my collection

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