“I like A. Lange & Sohne because it’s innovative. I have a few of its watches, including the Zeitwerk (pictured), which elicited polarising opinions when it launched in 2008. It was unheard of then for a watch to have a combination of a digital time display and a remontoire (a constant-force mechanism). In the Zeitwerk, it helps to power the jumping of the time-display discs.”

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“Two years ago, my wife and I visited Dresden, Germany. As part of our trip, I arranged a visit to the Lange manufacture. While in Dresden, I entered a watch shop and saw a 2003 Lange model known as the 1815 Sidestep (pictured) that marked the 125th anniversary of German watch retailer Wempe. When you flip it over, you will see that the three-quarter plate features floral hand-engraving usually only found on the balance cock of Lange watches. I was thinking so much about the watch that I lost my appetite for the rest of the day. I went back the next day to get it. After buying it, I did a factory visit. There are four engravers at Lange, and the one who worked on the Sidestep immediately recognised her work.”

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“Originally a gift for Nomos staff, the Nomos Tangente Sonnengrau was launched in 2004 as part of a 100-piece limited edition line. I successfully bid for one on eBay in 2018. But the guy selling it wasn’t sure of how to ship the watch here. He lived in Dresden, so I said I would meet him to collect it when I got there the following year. When I met him and got my watch, I thought that was the end of it. The next day at the Lange factory, I saw him again in the high-complications department. Turns out he is a watchmaker. It was such a coincidence.”


“The Gronefeld 1941 Remontoire (pictured) is my first from an independent brand. Its movement has beautifully finished steel bridges. I’m slowly diversifying into independent brands with more interesting watches, but nothing too interesting (laughs). I’ve ordered the MB&F LM (Legacy Machine) 101. I like MB&F LMs because they have round cases and still look like watches. I’m not yet brave enough to try its Horological Machines, which look like spaceships on the wrist. But who knows? Check back with me in a year. My collection will definitely look different then.”


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