watch trends

The smoky disc

It’s a travesty that the mysterious elegance of gradated dials has been overlooked for so long. But H Moser & Cie is no longer alone in championing this beautiful style, as smoky discs by other major players drift onto the scene.


Days of our lives

Watchmakers must be feeling generous with their time and skill of late, given how many perpetual calendars have been unveiled this year. The technically demanding complication often inspires similarly impressive extras to join the fray for some over-the-top haute horlogerie but, this year, the focus lies solely on the king of all calendars.

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Tiny titans

Colossal watches and ultra-thin watches have had their moments over the past decade but attention seems to finally be turning towards smaller tickers. Their modest dimensions are a better fit (sometimes literally) for dressier occasions and there is a sense of humility that comes with not having a timepiece’s wrist presence do all the talking. Fine watchmaking isn’t always about grandstanding.

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The best of times

Watchmakers are collectively dipping into nature’s bounty of inspiration this year with timepieces brought to life through vivid animal imagery. The elaborate, unusual creations on these pages are made possible only with the greatest artistic skills.


The new black

It won’t be long now before blue dials are considered mainstream enough to stop showing up in trend lists. But until that day comes, we’ll give it to the refreshing shade for still managing to elicit excitement from a community raised on black, white and silver dials.

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Long time coming

There are numerous alternatives to the round watch case but favour seems to be gathering around elongated shapes. It’s not hard to see why; their slender forms make excellent dress watches, and watchmakers have used these out-of-the-rectangular-box shapes to tell a little story.

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