[dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]nce upon a time, people worked out to look good in their outside clothes. Today, half the battle – maybe more – is won if they look good while flinging their kettlebells about in the gym or dashing about doing shuttle sprints. In fact, with wellness being the trillion-dollar industry it is, fitness gear these days is often stylish and comfortable enough to take its wearer beyond the gym (hopefully not directly after a heavy sweat- inducing workout). Here’s what to look for in multi-tasking gym gear:


If you’re expecting to perspire in an outfit and then sit around in it for a while longer thereafter, it should be made to combat the bouquet that accompanies sweat. The Drysense mesh of the top on the model is designed to wick sweat, be quick-drying, and in fitness-gear retailer Lululemon’s own words – “anti-stink”. Good to know.



Now that gym clothes can also double as going-out pieces, it’s time to round out form and function with some fashion. Mix those serious pieces with small flashy accents (not too much, you are at the gym to exercise, after all) – think the camo print on these Nike Air Huarache Drift Premium sneakers, for instance, or a right-now brand logo down the length of your workout tights.

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