Gaggan Anand Last Supper

On the menu are recreations of the chef's iconic dishes, including Lick It Up, prepared by Julien Royer of 3-star Odette. Photos: Mandala Club

Gaggan Anand might have announced his departure from the restaurant scene for good, but you didn’t think his Mandala Club residency would fade out quietly, did you?

Thought not. Instead, the Indian chef’s ‘Last Supper’ is going out with a final hurrah: 15 culinary heavyweights  – including Odette’s Julien Royer, Burnt Ends’ David Pynt, dessert queen Janice Wong, and Asia’s best party chef, Maira Yeo – will each be executing an iconic dish of Anand’s, and giving it their own twist.

Gaggan Anand Last Supper
LG Han with Lobster Dosa, Janice Wong with Pink in Spring. Photos: Mandala Club

Dubbed “The Last Supper x Gaggan Anand”, it’s offered as a 10-course lunch, and a 16-course dinner (dinner includes Gaggan signature Yogurt Explosion, executed by Gaggan head chef Rydo Anton) from June 1 to 30.

The dishes, clearly, have been tagged to the chefs based on strengths: grill expert Pynt tackles the lamb chop, Hashida’s Kenjiro Hashida works the chutoro nigiri, while Wong will make dessert (of course). Meanwhile, Michelin-starred Royer takes on the challenge of reinventing one of Anand’s more memorable plates, the cheekily-named “Lick It Up”.

Gaggan Anand Last Supper
Sun Kim with Aloo Bonda Charcoal, Maira Yeo with Baby Bottle Milkshake. Photos: Mandala Club

The other chefs are: Restaurant Labyrinth’s LG Han, Candlenut’s Malcom Lee, Claudine’s Julien Mercier, Meta’s Sun Kim, and Summer Pavilion’s Cheung Siu Kong.

There’s also Kotuwa’s Rishi Naleendra, Thevar’s Mano Thevar, Canchita’s Daniel Chavez, Popi’s Reuben Davis and Euphora’s Jason Tan. In all, be prepared for a laundry list of the who’s who in Singapore fine dining.

On the gala night of the Gaggan residency, all the chefs will be present at Mandala Club. 

Gaggan Anand Last Supper
Mano Thevar with Panipuri Egg Nest, Rishi Nalendra with Tomato Matcha. Photos: Mandala Club

‘“This cast of chefs was a tough choice, but each person was carefully picked to represent different genres, different restaurants and, of course, some of the best meals I had in Singapore,” says Anand.

“It is a celebration of my past months in Singapore, immersing deep into its food, culture and hospitality, getting connected to the people of different communities… It is a celebration of life in Singapore: wildly varied, yet tightly knit together.”

Gaggan Anand Last Supper
Daniel Chavez with Cold Curry Scallop, Cheung Siu Kong with Fish Paturi. Photos: Mandala Club

Mandala, in turn, promises this menu is “the most spectacular curtain call to our most successful Mandala Masters event yet”.

“These dishes will be served for the last time through this menu, yet it also be the first time they’ve been reinterpreted by other chefs,” adds chef Anand. “This is my love letter to Singapore, a unique way for me and my team to say thank you to the city and its wonderful F&B community.”

Tickets for The Last Supper x Gaggan Anand are now on sale.

Lunch at S$288 from Fri to Sun, 12pm and 12.30pm.

Dinner at S$388  from Wed to Sun, 6pm and 7pm.

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