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2018’s best-looking mooncake boxes for gifting (Singapore)

Impress the relatives and wow the friends with the prettiest and classiest mooncake boxes of 2018.

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming around again (24 Sep, 2018) – so here’s our visual guide to 2018’s prettiest and/or classiest boxes that you’ll want to bring on visits – or send en masse to treasured business associates.

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Hospitality brands and restaurants continue to up the ante with their mooncake offerings, pushing out adventurous new flavours (teh tarik or acai berry, anyone?) and arresting new box designs. We document this year’s mooncake boxes based on that latter metric in this curated list, updated daily as the boxes roll in – check back often.

If you’re seeking mooncakes with such unusual flavours as acai berry and aged whiskey, we’ve rounded up 15 of them for your perusal.

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  • 01: Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific

    The baby pink and turquoise boxes from Pan Pacific's Hai Tien Lo make easy centrepieces on the tables of the Instagram-conscious. The step away from traditional (and muted) colours extends to their snowskin selection.

    Cempedak lovers in particular can forget the fact that the skins do not hold up very well - they'll have have a field day with the ochre-coloured Cempedak Snowskin mooncakes, which deliver such a fibrous, chewy consistency and heady fragrance that they may as well be biting into a fine example of the South-east Asian favourite.

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