Mooncakes that taste great and are healthy too? That’s what you can expect from this independent bakery. Head chef Christine Ng, who trained at Le Cordon Bleu London, presents a line-up of soft snowskin mooncakes handmade from the best ingredients, with nothing artificial added. The collection includes her Signature flavours: Black Sesame Raspberry Truffle, Japanese Matcha Azuki Truffle, Maldon Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate Truffle, and Japanese Yuzu White Chocolate Truffle (low-sugar). In the “Limited” range, Butterfly Pea Gula Melaka Coconut Truffle (low-sugar) and the Traditional Pandan Salted Egg Yolk Lotus, and, in the Exclusive range, Ginger Enzyme Almond White Lotus (low-sugar) and Roselle Enzyme Red Dates Goji Berries Walnut. Price: From $34.


From this modern Chinese restaurant in Clarke Quay comes two very special “Liu Sha” mooncakes. The first, Lotus Paste with Salted Egg Custard, is inspired by VLV’s Custard Salted Egg Charcoal Bun dim sum, and features smooth lotus paste filled with creamy salted egg custard, encased in a savoury pastry. The second, White Lotus Paste Black Sesame, uses rich and aromatic white lotus paste and black sesame lava. Charcoal pastry envelopes the filling, and the mooncake is topped with a sprinkling of gold flakes. Price: $62++ for a box of eight mini mooncakes.


Along with pastry chef Daniel Tay’s traditional baked mooncakes, customers can expect five new varieties this year – Black Sesame with Yolk & Melon Seeds, White Lotus Paste with Longan, Red Dates & Walnuts, Wu Ren with Bakwa and Kaffir Lime Leaves, Red Bean Orange & Lemon Peel with Pine Nuts & Yolk Blend, and Red Bean Orange & Lemon Peel with Pine Nuts. Chef Tay’s new snowskin series features four tempting flavour combinations: Cranberries with Choya, Passionfruit with Martini Mint, Coffee with Whisky, and Chocolate Rum. In addition, you can look forward to the bakery’s range of baked and filled, animal-shaped mooncakes. Price: From $32.80 for a box of three animal-shaped mooncakes.


This hip Amoy Street café and bar has created The Golden Moon, a delectable dessert that resembles a typical lotus paste mooncake in flavour but looks nothing like the conventional baked treat. A pate-a-choux casing encloses a filling of lotus seed paste and caramelised five grains; in the centre, salted egg cream replaces a golden salted egg yolk. This luscious dessert is finished with salted egg yolk crumbs, mooncake biscuit and lotus seed paste mousse. Price: $13++.