01: Sheraton Towers Singapore

Tuck into an exquisite selection from the award-winning Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant. Flavours include white lotus seed paste with single yolk or double yolks, white lotus seed paste, mixed nuts, and yam paste with single yolk in flaky pastry. New to this year’s line-up is the mini salted egg custard mooncake, a delectable combination of fragrant salted egg yolk and creamy custard with a molten lava centre. Priced from $65 for a box of four.
Tel: 6839-5623. sheratonsingapore.com

02: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

The hotel’s Shang Palace offers two gift sets containing traditional hand-baked mooncakes. Choose from the Four Treasures Gift Set, featuring low sugar white lotus seed paste with single yolk, low sugar white lotus seed paste with double yolks, low sugar plain white lotus seed paste, and a savoury mixed nuts with chicken sausage ham. The Mini Eight Treasures Gift Set comprises eight mini baked mooncakes, comprising four pieces each of low sugar white lotus seed paste with quarter yolk and the crunchy red bean with almond. Priced from $78 for the Four Treasures Gift Set.
Tel: 6213-4398/4473. www.shangri-la.com

03: Marina Mandarin

At Marina Mandarin, Peach Blossoms’ traditional mooncakes are available in three sizes: mini, standard, and a substantial 6.5-inch piece. Flavours include charcoal black sesame paste with melon seeds and gold dust mooncake, which is topped with a sprinkle of gold dust for a luxurious touch, macadamia nuts with white lotus paste, single yolk with white lotus paste, double yolk with white lotus paste, wu ren (mixed nuts), and eight treasures with white lotus paste, which contains eight yolks. Priced from $60.80 for six mini mooncakes.
Tel: 6845-1118. www.marinamandarin.com.sg/dining

04: Pan Pacific Singapore

From Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific, comes a selection of seven handcrafted baked mooncakes. Choose from classics like traditional white lotus seed paste with single or double yolk, white lotus seed paste with macadamia nuts, or mixed nuts with chicken ham (containing walnuts, almonds, preserved melon seeds, sesame seeds, melon seeds, olive seeds, macadamia nuts and savoury chicken ham). For something different, try the low sugar purple sweet potato with white lotus paste single yolk. Two interesting flavours make their debut: pandan paste with single yolk and the sweet-salty caramel with white lotus paste single yolk. Tel: 6826-8240; pacificmarketplace.sg

05: Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

Feast on a variety of traditional baked mooncakes in scrumptious flavours like the white lotus seed paste with five grains, which combines walnuts, oats, and pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds; mini custard lava with vanilla, which is best served warm to elicit the molten filling; the classic white lotus seed paste with double yolk; and the smooth white lotus seed paste. Tel: 6434-5190; www.rcmooncake.com.sg

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