01: Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel - 12 Treasures Turkey
Goodwood Park Hotel – 12 Treasures Turkey

Goodwood Park’s line-up of festive offerings includes two sumptuous turkey renditions. The hotel’s Asian-inspired 12 Treasures Turkey is the brainchild of Min Jiang’s master chef, Goh Chee Kong. The bird is marinated with Shaoxing wine, shallots, ginger and garlic, and stuffed with 12 premium ingredients including roast pork, abalone, water chestnut and salted egg yolk, and then roasted until golden brown. It is served with vegetable fried rice and homemade chilli sauce. For traditionalists, the roast turkey roulade with pork and chestnut stuffing is beautifully tender.

Goodwood Park Hotel

02: Sheraton Towers

Sheraton Towers Christmas feast
Sheraton Towers Christmas feast

Sheraton Towers’ special oven-roasted turkey is infused with aromatic lemongrass and Indonesian sweet soya sauce. The succulent bird is served with nasi goreng stuffing, and sambal roasted potatoes on the side. If you have a large dinner group, consider picking up the cherry-glazed semi bone-in Christmas ham, and the roasted Australian grass-fed rib-eye too. These meats are available for collection from now till Dec 25 at the hotel lobby’s Christmas booth.

 Sheraton Singapore


03: Pan Pacific Singapore

Pacific Marketplace - Peranakan Roasted Turkey & Pastrami Beef Striploin
Pacific Marketplace – Peranakan Roasted Turkey

Pan Pacific’s Pacific Marketplace has added much-loved Peranakan flavours to the traditional Christmas turkey. The Peranakan Roasted Turkey is stuffed with aromatic herbs like lemongrass, garlic, turmeric, lime, galangal and chilli – resulting in a succulent bird with a spicy kick. This is accompanied with nasi kunyit (turmeric rice) and pickled vegetables. It’s available for takeaway or as part of the Heritage Christmas Bundle which includes a chendol log cake and Nonya popiah made with minced turkey.

Pacific Market Place


04: Baba Chews

Festive Fare at Baba Chews
Festive Fare at Baba Chews

Known for creative spins on Peranakan fare, Baba Chews Bar and Eatery’s takeaways menu is in line with its traditional-meets-modern style. The Turkey Roulade Lo Mai Kai is a roll of turkey breast stuffed with carrots, dried shrimps, mushrooms and lup cheong. It is enveloped in crispy beancurd skin and glazed with calamansi-soya sauce, and served with glutinous rice. If an entire turkey it too hefty for you, there’s also the turkey breast assam curry. The crackling pork belly panggang is another worthy offering. It is marinated in a satay barbecue sauce, cooked sous vide and then slow-baked.

Baba Chews


05: The Fullerton Hotel 

The Fullerton Hotel’s festive feast

Add a local twist to your Christmas dinner, by bringing home The Fullerton Hotel’s Nasi Lemak Christmas Turkey. The festive bird gets a Singaporean makeover with flavours of the much-loved hawker dish of pandan-laced coconut rice and its accompaniments. It is marinated in a paste of dried chillies, kaffir lime leaves, shallots and lemongrass before being roasted. The dish is then finished with a crumble of crushed ikan bilis and roasted peanuts. Sides include steamed coconut-scented rice, egg omelette, cucumber, peanuts, ikan bilis and onion sambal.

Fullerton Hotel