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5 eateries to visit for comforting ‘gourmet-style’ porridge

Tuck into a heartwarming bowl of porridge with flavourful accompaniments at these eateries.

Mui Kee

  • Mui Kee's pork with century egg porridge
    Mui Kee's pork with century egg porridge

Early risers can now savour traditional Cantonese style porridge by Hong Kong’s famous Mui Kee at Casa Verde, Singapore Botanic Gardens. Mui Kee’s six-month-long pop-up (until the end of the year) is part of a collaboration with the Les Amis Group.

This third-generation family-run business is managed by 34-year-old Pierre Choi (Ah Tung). His knowledge on traditional congee has been passed down to him from his father and late grandmother, Mak Mui. To ensure consistency with its Hong Kong outlet, Mui Kee’s kitchen in Singapore is helmed by sous chef Er Suen Liang from the Les Amis Group, who has personally trained with Ah Tung for a year.

For the pop-up, diners can select from eight different types of congee, each served with a side of fried dough fritters and century egg. Recommended items include Mui Kee’s signature fish belly congee (dace fish sourced from Shunde Province is sautéed with rice wine until aromatic), sliced fish, homemade pork meatball congee, and pork with century egg. Mui Kee’s porridge is available from 730am to 3pm daily.


Coffee Lounge, Goodwood Park

  • Coffee Lounge Taiwan Porridge
    Coffee Lounge Taiwan Porridge - (clockwise) Deep-fried pomfret, kangkong, sauteed chicken with dried chilli

Since 1984, Taiwanese porridge has been a highlight at Goodwood Park’s Coffee Lounge. Diners can enjoy the light rice porridge with an extensive selection of traditional dishes (a la carte and a la carte buffet options – the latter is available during lunch & dinner). New items to look forward to are the braised beancurd with minced pork, mushrooms and bamboo shoots; stir-fried shredded pork with yam bean; and stir-fried eggplant and sliced pork with chilli bean paste. Other dishes to enjoy with your porridge include deep-fried shrimp sausage roll; steamed minced pork with Swedish turnip; and deep-fried chicken with special sauce.

Tel: 6737-7411.

Shin Yeh

  • Shin Yeh's sweet potato porridge
    Shin Yeh's sweet potato porridge

At Shin Yeh (by Tung Lok Group), diners get to savour free flow of sweet potato porridge, accompanied by a range of appetising dishes such as crisp-fried anchovies with peanuts and dried scallops; braised chicken with garlic and basil leaves served in claypot; lean pork in soya sauce; dried sole with Chinese cabbage; and a beautifully golden pan-fried turnip cake.

#02-19 Liang Court Shopping Centre. Tel: 6338 7337.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace

  • Crystal Jade Golden Palace's congee

The ever popular Crystal Jade Golden Palace offers five porridge items in their lunch menu:  Teochew porridge with assorted seafood or pomfret fillet (the Teochew version has more broth and firmer grains) as well as smooth and creamy Cantonese congee with fresh scallop, frog meat, and lean meat with century egg.

#05-22, Paragon. Tel: 6734

VLV Riverside

  • VLV Riverside
    VLV Riverside serves prawn and clam congee in large claypots

At this balmy al fresco spot by the river, diners can savour their meal till late (6pm-2am, Wed-Sat, and 6pm-11pm, Sun-Tues). A good selection of zi char dishes are available, alongside four types of congee: flower clams and prawns, ‘gong bao’ bull frog, crab, and sautéed bull frog in spring onion and ginger. The generously portioned congee is served in large claypots.

Clarke Quay, 3A River Valley Road, #01-02. Tel: 6661 0197.