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5 New Mooncake Flavours added to Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant’s 2016 collection

Three flavours are snow skin with truffle centres, while two go the more traditional way of baked and flaky pastry in this collection at Sheraton Towers, available for a month from Aug 15.

  • Mini Snowskin Green Tea White Lotus Seed Paste with Tiramisu Truffle

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant at Sheraton Towers Singapore presents five new flavours for its mid-autumn mooncake collection 2016 from Aug 15 to Sep 15. This includes the more traditional yam paste mooncake and mixed nuts baked variety. Three new snowskin offerings have been added, each with truffle centres. The flavours are: mini white lotus seed paste with lychee martini truffle, mini green tea white lotus seed paste with tiramisu truffle and mini white lotus seed paste with chrysanthemum vodka truffle.

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Prices start at $58 for eight pieces of snowskin mini mooncakes. The mooncakes are available at the restaurant and four other booths located at Change Alley, Ngee Ann City, Jurong Point and Tampines Mall. For more information, call Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant at 6839-5623, email or visit

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