looksee facade

01: Gemmills

Located along the back alley of Amoy Street, Gemmills is a cool and quiet alcove for coffee and light bites. While small, the cafe has ample space for quick discussions. Take up the sofa area by the window if you’re looking to stay a little longer.

110 Amoy Street, #01-02

02: Looksee Looksee

The lobby of Lo&Behold Group’s offices is a reading salon open for public use. It is also managed by tea purveyour A.Muse Projects who provides a selection hot and cold teas. As it is not officially a cafe, the salon operates on tips alone. Check out the coffee table books around the salon for inspiration.

Note: Looksee Looksee is closed in March for renovations, but will be up and running again by April.

267 Beach Road

03: Monument Lifestyle

A cafe and retail space, modeled after Californian boutiques. Coffees and teas here are imported from San Franciscan roasters Four Barrel Coffee and tea house Samovar Tea & Chai respectively. Small bites include open-faced toasts and sandwiches made in collaboration with Park Bench Deli. The petite cafe area is brightly-lit and offers comfortable banquette seatings – great for productive meetings.

75 Duxton Road

04: Ronin

There is no indication of this cafe along Hong Kong Street, save for a small lightbox of a sakura print. The secluded spot steers clear of random walk-ins which makes for uninterrupted meetings. Our tip: keep a lookout for the ’17 Hongkong Street’ plaque for a better chance of finding this cafe.

17 Hongkong Street

05: Tea Bone Zen Mind

Occupying two shophouses along Emerald Hill, the artisanal teahouse specialises in Chinese teas. Tea Bone Zen Mind offers tea sampling sessions, a two or three-affair with snacks on the side. Private tatami rooms can be booked ahead for more formal meetings.

98 Emerald Hill Road