[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]team Box, one of the first restaurants here to bring in Hong Kong’s steam-potting trend last year, celebrates its first anniversary with six dishes that are available only from 18 Apr – 9 Jul. The new dishes include ingredients that the chef is introducing to the menu for the first time, such as bamboo pith and sea asparagus. With Chef Chow Kok Wah’s extensive experience in Chinese-style cooking, and owner Serene Wong a Cantonese herself, the dishes bring out the best of Canton cuisine: light with plentiful spices like ginger and coriander.



Using high-speed steaming technology at high temperatures, dishes only require 2-6 minutes of steaming before you dig in. Due to the nature of the preparation method, dishes like the new Sea bass wrap and Chef’s signature chicken are achieved. The tasty sea bass is the wrap that encases shredded ham, shitake mushroom, coriander and crab stick; throw this into your regular steamboat and you can be sure the flesh will disintegrate to the bottom of the pot. As for the incredibly tender chicken cooked just right, the texture is only possible through steaming (but not at home, unless you have the necessary technology).

As most of the dishes are not seasoned or marinated, the meal is low in sodium content, which will appeal to the health-conscious. But don’t mistake healthy for bland – the taste of fresh ingredients shine through. And you can always pick your favourite sauces (there are 18 in total) to go with the dishes, dipping as much (or little) as you like.

For a healthy meal that is no less hearty, Steam Box is worth a try. But be sure to make reservations for dinner as it gets crowded around nighttime.