Ishizuchi Sake Bar 1

[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]or the person who has everything, it can be hard to think of something unique to get. But fret not, here’s a list of exclusive – and some, meaningful – edible gifts to satisfy the soul.

After all, isn’t the way to the heart through the stomach?

The Cheese Artisans

18 Greenwood Avenue, Tel: 6463 2711



01: DOI Vegetables from Thailand

Consider this: fresh gifts from the King’s farm. These vegetables are part of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 1969 Royal Project initiative in combating the deforestation, poverty and opium production in Thailand’s tribal villages. Farmed in the mountainous regions of Chiangmai, vegetables are picked two days before shipment to ensure freshness.
110 Holland Avenue, Tel: 6264 8389


Emporium Shokuhin

6 Raffles Boulevard, Tel: 6224 3433



2 McCallum Street, Tel: 6221 2105   &   41 Robertson Quay, Tel: 9736 4032