Swissotel The Stamford


Cafe Noel’s Christmas cake selection this year is as fascinating as it is delicious. Traditional French techniques and ingredients meld with Asian flavours and modern aesthetics: The Chestnut And Green Tea Yule Log offers the taste of winter chestnuts from the French highlands, the Bluegold Blueberry Cheesecake sees the popular classic reimagined as a roulade, and the Hazelnut Praline Cake upends the typical log and converts it into a festive candle, complete with white chocolate “wax”.

The Fullerton Hotels


As in previous years, The Fullerton Hotel’s Cake Boutique has turned out a full range of Christmas treats for the season. Top of the list are the all-new Clifford Pier Kaya Log, and the Tropicana Asia Yule Log, a cheery and fruity confection replete with the fresh flavours of locally popular tropical fruits. Meanwhile, the bakery’s signature Traditional Black Forest Yule Log has been pleasing local palates with annual regularity. Look out too for luxurious hampers filled with classic fruit cake, and fluffy panettone.

Goodwood Park Hotel


Sunday Folks


We typically do not throw out special mentions for cakes delivered to the office – but this one earns an exception. Of all the cakes we’ve tried this season, Sunday Folk’s Hazelnut Chocolate with Spice Apple is the most memorable. The recipe appears simple: it’s one part Christmas cheer and another sheer decadence.

Sporting a sheen of chocolate glaze and gold dust on its thick Valrhona Azelia milk chocolate mantle, the mousse cake surprises with every well-conceived layer. The star of this Christmas treat, however, is indubitably the spiced Granny Smith apple layer that’s stewed in cinnamon and cloves. The charcoal biscuit crunch base is good enough to eat on its own. Chocolate lovers take note.