Festive frenzy is in full swing and if you’re celebrating the season with friends and family, things can get a bit overwhelming in the kitchen. But as any discerning gastronome will tell you, a slew of good-looking and high-performing appliances – from a workhorse of a mixer to a high-tech wine serving machine – will take your culinary credentials up a notch.

Smeg Blender


Don’t let the Italian brand’s retro styling fool you into underestimating the functional prowess of its appliances. The blender robust yet light blender can easily perform 18,000 rotations per minute to blend ingredients into the required consistency. From crushing ice to churning out smoothies and pulse functions, the gadget is a necessary addition to any gourmand’s kitchen, not to mention the pop of colour it lends to the interior. With removable blades and a heat resistant BPA-free jug, which is dishwasher friendly, cleaning up after cooking is also a breeze.

Kenwood Titanium


If you ever need an extra pair of helping hands in the kitchen, Kenwood’s Chef Titanium mixer will be perfect for the role. From whipping up a perfectly folded souffle to more routine tasks such as dicing, slicing, chopping, mincing, juicing and smoothie and ice cream making, there’s nothing this powerhouse appliance isn’t capable of. Its in-bowl illumination feature allows users to accurately get the desired consistency by controlling the mixing speed. Other bowl attachments such as a spiral dough hook, power whisk and K-beater add to its top performance. The award-winning, slick machine also makes an enviable kitchen countertop accessory.



A fabled appliance that is indispensable to any culinary enthusiast worth their salt, KitchenAid mixer invariably comes out on top in a round-up of most iconic kitchen gadgets. Since making its debut in 1914 as an enormous stand mixer for commercial bakers, it has undergone several iterations over the past 100 years. Now, to cater to more contemporary lifestyle and limited counter space in modern kitchens of urban dwellers, the company has launched a more compact version called the Artisan® Mini Stand Mixer – its first downsizing since 1962. Offering the same power and performance as the brand’s iconic Stand Mixer, the smaller edition is 20 per cent smaller and 25 per cent lighter. KitchenAid mixers use the “planetary” motion for the mixing action. The beater spins, and it also rotates around within the bowl, which ensures a more even mixing of the ingredients.

Like its larger versions, the mini version includes a flat beater, wire whip and dough hook, and is compatible with all optional hub-based attachments, such as spiraliser, pasta maker, food grinder, processor and juicer. It is available in a variety of colours such as silver, red, orange, blue, matte grey, black and white to suit your preferences and decor.

Alessi Toaster


The greatest thing since sliced bread is a toaster. Alessi’s minimalist toaster with the bun and pastry warmer designed by the celebrated Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni, is a timeless creation that will add extra oomph to your kitchen counter. This sleek and snazzy high-design product belies its actual function – bread toasting. If you prefer your bread warm and not crisp, just use the warmer option, and you’re ready to start your day on a fresh note.

Breville Smart Kettle


Boiling water may not exactly be rocket science but this Smart Kettle by Breville takes the mundane morning task to another level. It is cleverly designed with five temperature settings that correspond to the optimum temperature of water needed for five different types of brews – green tea, white tea, oolong, coffee and black tea. It features an ergonomic BPA-free design, a soft grip handle, and a soft opening lid which prevents hot water splattering, and staggers steam release. A “keep warm” function will hold the water at your preferred brew temperature for up to 20 minutes while you get dressed or catch up on the news.

Miele CM7500


German home appliances brand Miele has launched a new coffee machine for connoisseurs who prefer barista-like perfection for their cup of morning pick-me-up. The CM7500 countertop machine can prepare up to 20 different types of beverages such as long blacks and flat whites to espresso macchiatos and cappuccino Italianos. Not only that, it also offers tea brewing function, for when you need something more soothing. If you’re having friends over, the coffeemaker can brew up to eight cups of coffee into a pot at the touch of a button. Its user-friendly highlights include an automatic descaling function, which you can preset to run overnight when the machine is not in use, and the touchscreen display makes it highly intuitive for even a new user.

Nespresso Prodigio


Nespresso introduces its first ever smartphone connected coffee machine. The new Prodigio machine allows you to prepare coffee remotely, be alerted when you are running low on your favourite Grands Crus and even be notified of the perfect time to de-scale or if the capsule container is full. Using Bluetooth Smart® technology, the Nespresso Prodigio machine seamlessly links with the Nespresso mobile app to enhance your coffee experience. With the swipe of a few buttons on the app, users are able to brew any of the range of 23 Nespresso Grands Crus from the comfort of their sofa.

D- Vine wine server


Do you know why the same wine which you had at your favourite fine-dining restaurant doesn’t quite taste the same when had at home? The answer lies in the way in which it’s served. You can’t employ a wine sommelier at home, but you can certainly exercise the next best option. Serving wine is not just about uncorking a bottle of wine and pouring it into a glass; right amount of oxygenation to allow the tannins and flavours to breathe and precise temperature at which the wine is served. D-Vine, the world’s first wine serving appliance takes the science out of wine-serving and performs the function with the ease of a sommelier, preparing the perfect aeration and temperature for each and every wine flacon of 100ml which is equivalent of one glass. It takes less than a minute and is entirely automated, so you don’t have to labour way in advance decanting and chilling the wine. With individual portions, you and your guests can enjoy premium wines without having to open several bottles for different preferences. It also helps oenophiles gain a better appreciation by suggesting wine pairings and tasting tips.


Coravin wine system


Imagine you’re celebrating an occasion with a fine vintage of Chateau Margaux, and no one is in the mood to finish the entire bottle. What do you do with the leftover wine that’s too precious to let it be? Austrian company Coravin’s Model Two Elite capsule provides a revolutionary way to pour and enjoy a glass of wine without having to remove the cork. Filled with 99.99 per cent pure argon gas, the unique system protects the wine against oxidation, preserving the life and flavour of the wine. Each capsule, available in three distinctive colours of red, silver and gold in chrome finish, is capable of pouring up to 15 glasses of wine. An updated needle pours 20 per cent faster than its predecessor, an “L” shaped Properfit Clamp with textured grips for a more secure hold and Capsule Cup Load Cell Technology which guarantees a tight seal between the device and the gas capsule. Now, you can pour yourself your favourite vintage without feeling the pressure to finish it in one session.