Duddell’s, Chachawan, 22 Ships and Aberdeen Social are just some of the high-profile restaurants under the Hong Kong-based JIA Group, of which Singaporean Yenn Wong is CEO. But ask the hotelier, restaurateur and unstoppable dynamic entrepreneur about the one eatery that never fails to satisfy her, and she will name a heritage hawker stall in Singapore: Hill Street Tai Hwa at the foot of HDB Block 466 in Crawford Lane.

The Hong Kong-based foodie might have access to all the cult noodle shops there, but it is this local shop that has her heart. “Whenever I am back in town, I will visit the stall with some of my closest Singaporean friends who know how crazy I am about its mee pok,” she says. “I go at 4pm, when the queue is not so long.” “It’s just a divine dish: the balance of salty, sour, spicy flavours, and the sweetness of the pork soup,” she enthuses. Her usual order: “Always the $10 portion. I do not fancy the wonton in the noodles, so he will always give me extra minced pork.”


The driving force behind some of Hong Kong’s newest and trendiest concept restaurants, hotelier and restaurateur Yenn Wong heads the award-winning JIA Group. She was also instrumental in bringing Michelin-starred British chef Jason Atherton to Hong Kong with restaurants 22 Ships, Ham & Sherry and Aberdeen Street Social.