Beer snobs of the world, rejoice: God has finally answered your prayers for real beer glasses for the real men who drink real beer. The oenophiles have their Riedels and Zwiesels and, now, because of an artist-sculptor named Matthew Cummings, craft-beer drinkers have proper glasses from which to chug their brew.

It all started one boozy afternoon when a friend of Cummings suggested that he put his skills to work and create beer glasses for everyone at their beer club. Realising that there were few glasses made for the enjoyment of craft beer, and convinced that the style of glassware matters, Cummings then spent six months researching, making and testing several different styles of glasses. And that’s how The Pretentious Beer Glass Company was born.

“The name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to craft-beer drinkers,” says Cummings. “Although beer is an everyman’s drink and doesn’t have the high-brow connotations of certain wine sectors, hand a cheap mass-produced beer to a craft-beer enthusiast and you will see how ‘pretentious’ they really are!”

In total, he has five different handmade glasses for different kinds of beer: Hoppy, Aromatic, Ale, Malty and Subtle. Each glass enhances the flavour of the beer it contains – for instance, the Aromatic Glass is made for Belgian beers or barley wine, and its red wine-glass shape helps concentrate the beer’s aromatics for an enhanced drinking experience. The Hoppy Glass, however, is made for hoppy beers like India pale ales, and its tulip shape enhances complicated beers.

So, while Cummings would savour the intensity of a sour beer in an Aromatic Glass, his wife would drink the same sour beer in a Hoppy Glass for a more fruity and mellow taste.

At last, people may believe that beer-drinking is an art. Now, all we need are hand-stitched stubby holders and organic beer nuts. Just remember that burping is no longer allowed.

The Pretentious Beer Glass Company glass products (from US$35, or S$43) are all available on