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Basque burnt cheesecake: it’s time to look back at one of the best dessert trends in Singapore

It’s been a year or so - and basque burnt cheesecakes seem to be here to stay. We look into where’s best to get the famed dessert.

Its official – we’re moving into Phase Two tomorrow, which means dining out is back on the menu. While that bodes well for most F&B establishments, we’d have to say it means a little more to one of the year’s best, and still enduring, dessert trends: Basque burnt cheesecake.

The dish first appeared at Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, where it proved popular enough to inspire quick reinterpretations (think hojicha, matcha or kaya-inspired variants). A big ol’ slice of cheesecake that is deliciously oozy in the centre, while sporting an Instagram-ready caramelised top seems to be a recipe for success; although the verdict is yet to be out on whether this trend will go the way of coffee buns and rainbow cakes.

Depending on whether you’re looking for that lava-like cheesy flow or something a little denser, we’ve scrounged up some of Singapore’s best Basque burnt cheesecakes.

  • Best basque burnt cheesecake chalong


    CBD fusion eatery Chalong are known for their Josper oven-flamed, Thai-and-Japanese-influenced meat bowls - but they can now add Basque burnt cheesecake to that list. They’ve brought their mastery of temperature control - vis-a-vis sous vide and then flame-finished cuts of pork cheek or steak - to making the perfect trendy cheesecake. A combination of fine French cream and Australian cream cheese make for a supremely velvety and luscious centre when served chilled - or deliciously oozy served at room temperature. Of course, the cake wouldn’t be complete without the requite caramelised edge that makes for such great pictures.



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Image courtesy of Olivia Restaurant & Lounge.