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Perk your day up with ice cream — whether you need to cool off after a long and muggy hike or brighten up a stressful work day. For your convenience, we have hand-picked places near popular walking spots such as Gardens by the Bay, Botanic Gardens,  the Padang or Orchard Road (if you’re out shopping). Alternatively, order your favourite pick-me-ups for your home parties. What’s great about these sublime gelato, ice creams and sorbets are they are made with natural ingredients sans flavourings and colourings. 

1. Mylo’s

Marguerite’s chef-owner Michael Wilson (left) with his gelato at Mylo’s. (Photo: Mylo’s)

After a long walk at Gardens by the Bay, cool off with an inviting gelato at Mylo’s, located along the Waterfront Promenade by Marina Reservoir. Created by Marguerite’s chef-owner (or Churner-in-Chief in this case) Michael Wilson, the brand is named after the Australian chef’s beloved golden retriever. 

Mylo’s stainless steel Pozzetti houses more than 20 seasonal gelati made onsite. New flavours include Caramelised White Chocolate and Macadamia gelato –  the white chocolate is caramelised for a nuttier, richer flavour profile and added to the gelato base with macadamia croquant. Those who like an alcoholic boost can go for the Dark Rum gelato – made with burnt butter and dark rum in a white gelato base, or the Bourbon Whiskey gelato. 

There are refreshing sorbets to boot, including Lychee, Raspberry and Rose sorbet perfumed with a touch of rose water, and Blueberry and Chamomile sorbet.

Mylo’s flavours are seasonal and changed constantly depending on what the chef procures. Chef Michael says that they are also starting to use herbs from the herb garden at Gardens by the Bay (for example, sage for the burnt butter and sage gelato, and pandan for the coconut and pandan sorbet). He also plans to use lemon basil from the garden for a new Lemon Basil and Amalfi lemonade sorbet.

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2. Atout

Photo: Atout

Atout, an established French bistro at Harding Road, Dempsey, churns out a range of home-made ice creams and sorbets. Chef-owner Patrick Heuberger says, “the unique thing about our ice cream is that we don’t use any preservatives, artificial flavourings or colourings. All ingredients are based on natural flavours.”

Premium ingredients for the gourmet ice creams include  pistachio paste from Sicily, and fresh vanilla pods from Madagascar. For chocolate, Heuberger uses only those by Valrhona. “For milk we are using French milk which gives the ice cream a great aroma. And we use the best selections of fruits puree from ripened fruits,” he shares.  

Atout’s most popular flavours are the rich and creamy Madagascar Vanilla Pod ice cream, perfect with any cakes or pastries; Mont blanc ice cream made with chestnut and rum; Pure Sicily Pistachio ice cream, Burnt Butter ice cream; House Blend Tropical Sorbet, and Mandarin Verbana Sorbet. There are around 10 types of sorbets available too. 

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3. Gemma 

Photo: Gemma

The team at Gemma, National Gallery, has dreamt up a range of unique gelato flavours elevated with sublime ingredients. Pick up pints of premium Hokkaido milk gelato that is freshly made in-house. They come in six specialty flavours including Binchotan Smoked Hokkaido Milk Gelato and Manjimup Black Truffle Gelato. The creamy Hokkaido milk fuses perfectly with a touch of savouriness from the truffle. 

Those who crave for the aroma of coffee will love the Colombian Arabica Espresso Gelato – perfect to perk up the palate. If you like nutty flavours, try the Piedmont Hazelnut Gelato. For something fruit-based, zero in on the Caribbean Coconut Gelato or Lorenzini Cantaloupe Gelato. Each pint of gelato comes with Brown Butter Crumble, Crispy Méringue and Candied Nuts – for extra indulgence and textural contrast. 

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4. Les Amis

Who can resist ice creams hand-crafted by three-Michelin-starred restaurants? At Les Amis, Chef Sebastien Lepinoy uses only the finest ingredients for his ice creams. For instance, the signature Grand Cru Tahiti Vanilla Ice Cream; this homemade treat is infused with the prized Grand Cru Tahiti vanilla beans from the island of Tahaa. Alain Abel, founder of Tahiti Vanille, personally sends a shipment of vanilla pods just for Chef Sebastien to use.

Other flavours that are currently available for self-collection are the Caramel, Blue Mountain Coffee, Nougat, Sicilian Pistachio as well as the homemade ice cream made with four types of honey: chestnut flower, orange blossom, wildflower, and acacia.

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