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Photo: El Chido, Mosella

These culinary hotspots bring the rich and diverse gastronomic traditions of Latin America to your plate, offering an explosion of taste that will transport your senses to the streets of Mexico, the pampas of Argentina, and the beaches of Brazil. Prepare to embark on a culinary journey that combines bold spices, sizzling grills, and zesty cocktails, all set against the backdrop of the Lion City.

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1. Araya

laitn american
Moqueca. (Photo: Araya)

Experience the fusion of Chilean heritage and culinary artistry at this South American fine-dining restaurant that zeroes in on Pacific coastal cuisine at Mondrian Singapore Duxton Hotel. Helmed by Chilean-born chef Francisco Araya, who has worked at Mugaritz and elBulli and pastry chef Fernanda Guerrero, this intimate 30-seater gem is a whimsical playground of flavours, showcasing indigenous ingredients such as corn, Andean potatoes, and lucuma through a contemporary lens.

Highlights of the tasting menu include the Brazilian Moqueca (fish stew) elevated with Japanese kinki. The ceviche features scallops cured with shio koji drenched in a tiger’s milk sorbet infused with ginger and green apples — a nod to chef Araya’s Japanese influences. Mains include koji-marinated pigeon that is smoked and seared and served with aged mole negro, arroz caldoso (brothed rice), and its offal. To end on a sweet note, chef Guerrero’s dessert captures the ephemeral beauty of the arid Atacama desert using milks found across Patagonia. Diners can get a glimpse of the desert through a viewfinder gadget to complete the experience. 

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2. Bacata

latin american
Bacata offers a Latin American culinary feast (Photo: Bacata)

Bacata transports diners to the heart of Latin America with a focus on modern Colombian cuisine through its sharing plates, tasting menu, and vibrant decor. Chef-owner Fernando Arévalo’s take on the Arepa Con Cerdo street snack, or grilled corn cakes, features oven-cooked pork shoulder slices glazed with pork jus and sherry vinegar. Sharing dishes include the Pescado y Arroz con Coco — grilled sea bass paired with a refreshing herb salad. Other dishes include Arroz Caldoso, fragrant arborio coconut rice cooked with kombu and vinegar and crowned with crunchy plantain chips.

The Cordero A Caballo impresses with a lamb saddle, which is roasted and grilled, topped with bacon and maple glaze, spice rub, and served with Hogao, a traditional Colombian sauce. Take time to admire the restaurant’s interiors, which are adorned with handmade indigenous masks and vases, while the red accents and brass details symbolise memories collected during Arévalo’s travels.

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3. El Chido

latin american
Cactus Mojito. (Photo: El Chido)

El Chido, aptly named after the Mexican word for “cool,” is a vibrant swim-up bar that immerses guests in a Mexican-inspired oasis in the freshly-minted Pullman Singapore Hill Street. Renowned mixologist Dario Knox has crafted a unique cocktail menu reminiscent of dreamy Mexican vacations. Indulge in eight signature cocktails, such as the refreshing Cactus Mojito that features nopales or cactus paddles and the dangerously delicious Coco Rico, a delightful twist on the classic piña colada that is served in a coconut shell with copious amounts of of pineapple rum, coconut butter and coconut milk.

Apart from libations, appetisers include elotes, charred heirloom corn cobs slathered with garlicky crema and cotija cheese. The white fish ceviche has seasonal fish marinated in calamansi for a burst of flavour. The menu also features an array of taco, tostada, and tortilla options, like the chicken peanut mole taco and scrumptious tostada such as grilled bacon and quail egg and Thai-style angus beef flank steak. 

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4. Mosella

latin american
Mosella’s ceviche. (Photo: Mosella)

Nestled within the Forest Terrace of Pan Pacific Orchard, Mosella is designed as a 10-metre-tall longhouse overlooking a waterfall, embraced by lush greenery. Executive chef Pedro Samper, who hails from San Sebastian, presents a unique blend of Mediterranean and Peruvian flavours. Start with a refreshing ceviche, which combines the Peruvian amarillo leche de tigre and succulent Hokkaido scallops. The burrata is complemented by heirloom tomatoes, fennel compote, candied walnuts, and a drizzle of Pedro Ximenez (sweet Spanish wine).

Highlights from the extensive grill selection include lamb chops marinated with aji panca miso (Peruvian red pepper and miso blend) and an 800g bone-in ribeye grilled to perfection. For desserts, make space for the tarta de queso, a creamy crustless burnt basque  cheesecake with a caramelised top. 

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