Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel

Pretty Woman may have been screened 30 years ago, but the high life depicted in the romantic comedy is now reimagined as a US$300,000 (S$416,000) experience – an indulgent 3N package with style and glamour offered by Beverly Wilshire, the very hotel that Richard Gere’s magnate character stayed in.

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A romance with a handsome salt and pepper-haired gent is regretfully not included; other than that, pretty much everything else is. Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel, celebrates the 30th anniversary of the movie by offering a luxurious experience that begins at a signature suite in this historic landmark located in Beverly Hills, California. Think spa treatments, luxury transportation, exquisite cuisine, shopping sprees, and much more, just like the iconic moments in the film.

Guests will meet top celebrity stylists and be interviewed on their preferences, before heading to four luxury boutiques on Rodeo Drive for a private shopping spree. Red-carpet treatment is a given, and light bites and drinks will round off the occasion to splurge US$50,000 on clothing, shoes and accessories that catch your fancy. For lunch, savour champagne and caviar on a private rooftop overlooking Rodeo Drive, while enjoying a personal fashion show featuring models wearing looks from the 1990 movie with a modern twist, to the accompaniment of its soundtrack performed live by a pianist. The hardest decision to make here: Which diamond accessory should one take home as a memento? A paparazzi-style photographer will shadow you to ensure all your best shots and best angles are captured.

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Another day begins with a glam session at a top styling salon, the Lea Journo Salon. Guests will be styled and made up, in anticipation of a trip to San Francisco via a private flight with Net Jets to attend an opera performance – just like Julia Roberts’ character was whisked off on private jet to watch La Traviata at the San Francisco Opera. Take in the coastal view at 40,000 feet while sipping on the movie-inspired Feeling Pretty cocktail.


On the final evening, sip champagne in a rooftop setting, while watching Pretty Woman on the hotel’s Rodeo Terrace, for the ultimate date night. A butler is always nearby to assist.


Besides those highlights, guests get to choose from tailored treatments at the Forbes Five Star Spa, and dine at the see-and-be-seen restaurant The Blvd. But the ultimate indulgence will be a meet-and-greet with chef Wolfgang Puck himself, followed by dinner at his Michelin-star restaurant Cut in the hotel. This is the original establishment and it consistently ranks as one of the most sought-after steak restaurants in the United States.

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