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Burgers, burgers, burgers: The best to sink your teeth into whether dine-in or delivered

If you're looking for good eats that don't require silverware, the humble burger is our go-to for delivery and dine-in. Here's a pick of the best in town.

Let’s face it: some foods just don’t deliver as well as others, and no amount of fussing about with plastic containers and insulated keep-warm bags is going to change that. That doesn’t apply to street-food staples that are designed for a little travelling in mind: Enter the burger.

The journey home gives some time for the juices from the patty to soak into the bun, all while the trapped heat brings every adornment, from pickled jalapenos to caramelised onions, up to temperature for a perfectly gooey mess. All said, we’ve also included some slightly more refined variants of the classic if that’s more up your alley.

The upside is that you won’t have to deal with any flimsy plastic cutlery (although you might want to keep a napkin or three handy). Now that we’re in Phase 2, burgers are still the perfect convivial snack for dining out as well. You don’t even have to share. These are the best burgers in town.

  • Burger delivery Moosehead

    Moosehead Kitchen & Bar

    Edgy, unconventional and eclectic. Words that best describe Moosehead, a casual bar known for serving unfussy, globally-inspired cuisine. Its menu spans everything from tzatziki to tagliatelle, though that doesn’t mean it serves anything less than great flavours with some added oomph. That goes for its unassuming burger as well. It comes with all your typical trappings like caramelised onions and pickles atop a thick beef patty slathered with melted cheese. Though introduced initially as a quick lunch option, it soon proved popular enough to warrant a place on the dinner menu. Talk about elevated street food done right.

    Available for dine-in, delivery or takeaway. Menu. Whatsapp 9833-4979.


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