Cover image: The one-bedroom villa of Capella Singapore

When Andre Fu first visited Capella Singapore 12 years ago, he was awestruck by the resort’s balanced symmetry and pared down luxury. So, when the hospitality icon approached the Hong Kong designer to revamp the site, Fu wanted to pay homage to the late Jaya Ibrahim’s vision.

“I wanted my presence to be complementary. Jaya represented the first generation of modern Asian designers. My design aimed to enhance the original vision to suit the context of today’s hospitality evolution,” says Fu.

The result is stunning. Regular visitors to the Capella Singapore will be familiar with the original structure and layout from the outside of the rooms. The interior, however, is softer with swaths of earthy sand, sage, mineral grey and green greeting your eyes as you scan your luxurious living quarters.

Fu understood that today’s patrons used spaces differently and reflected that in his design and furnishings. There’s a wonderful tactile quality that permeates the room thanks to the bespoke furnishings specially created for this update. The solid ash indoor furniture feels cool to the touch in the tropical heat, while a handsome oak drink cabinet with its rounded edges seduces you to pour yourself a drink and enjoy the sunset.

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The couch in the living room of Capella Singapore's Sentosa Suite.
The couch in the living room of Capella Singapore’s Sentosa Suite.

In the corner, a floating desk lamp made of dark stained wood evokes an image of Ernest Hemingway writing in his journal, making for a beautiful contrast with the woven flax-hued fabric sofa that wants you to lounge around (pictured above). “Multifunctionality is the bedrock of my creative process. I wanted to infuse a distinctive residential mood into the rooms because I recognise that the modern guest might use a hotel’s room and spaces differently from a generation ago,” Fu says.

“My perspective acknowledges that the world has become larger,” Fu goes on. “For me, design now crosses cultures and geographical locations whether you’re in Singapore, Tokyo, London or Aix-en-Provence. So, it’s not about designing a new room just for the sake of being new. It’s more personal than that. It’s about evolving a space through design. For the refurbished rooms at Capella Singapore, I think of it as an imaginary dialogue between me and Jaya.”

It’s an entrancing conversation indeed. Check out gallery below to view more pictures of the updated Capella Singapore and get a glimpse into Fu’s brilliant design mind.