[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]e love buzzy, noisy, heaving Chinese restaurants as much as the next person but, sometimes, just sometimes, we want to dine at an elegant Chinese restaurant, where we don’t have to raise our voices above the hubbub to have a conversation, nor wince at the sight and sound of children running amok. And it’s even more precious when it’s a graceful, leisurely Sunday lunch that we’re after.

The elegant Cassia is great for those who want a leisurely lunch, especially on weekends.

On weekends, Cassia offers the Weekend Dim Sum Experience, which comprises a choice of six out of 12 dim sum options, double-boiled soup, a roast platter, a rice or noodle, as well as dessert. Looking around, this seems a popular option with many.

Those going for the a la carte option will be able to choose their dim sum from a larger selection. A trilogy roast platter is a must and our choice of roast duck, char siew and roast pork turns out to be succulent. Our order of the underrated wok-fried XO carrot cake with Chinese sausage is soft and tasty, with textural contrast provided by fresh bean sprouts.

Cassia’s Bi Feng Tang prawns are deep-fried then tossed with garlic and chilli.

A great soup always raises the tone of lunch and the double-boiled thick chicken broth with fish maw, scallops and flower mushroom is soulful and packed with generous ingredients – stomach-warming till the last drop. Another signature not to be missed is the wok-fried Japanese wagyu beef with black pepper sauce – tender, well seasoned and delicately presented. We couldn’t pass up on the Bi Feng Tang prawns either – big, fresh prawns that are deep-fried till golden, then stir-fried with a garlic-chilli mix; the prawns have been cleverly slit so the meat is accessible but the head and tail are still intact.

For a fitting close to what has been a truly delectable lunch in blissful surrounds, the double-boiled Tianjin pear infused with tangerine peel is light, aromatic and refreshing. Cassia has definitely delivered on a finely executed lunch, with service to match.

Capella Singapore, Sentosa Island, S(098297)
T 6591-5045

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All tastings conducted incognito with esteemed members of G’s Food Panel.