[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]here’s more to the rebranded Ce La Vi than just a name change – French chef Frederic Faucheux has been hard at work rejigging the restaurant’s menus. His fare, as we find out, has turned out to be a few cuts above the decidedly pedestrian fare served up by his predecessors.

Executive Chef Frederic Faucheux

Faucheux, who combines French preparation techniques with Asian ingredients, views himself as a mere middleman between cuisines and consumers, as opposed to someone redefining the boundaries. “I merely assemble the flavours on the plate – the diners will decide which cuisine they’re having. Hopefully, whatever their verdict is, they enjoy our food.”

Enjoy we did – here are our picks from the festive menu available over the next few weeks.

Sous Vide Duck Breast

Pan-seared masterfully for some interesting texture, and yields an improbable amount of juice with each bite. Served with moreish salsa verde sticky rice and some truffle sweet puree to relieve the palate.

Sous Vide Duck Breast

Wagyu Cheeks

The absolute highlight of our night (yes, we favour meat) were the melt-in-the-mouth consistencies of both the well-prepared wagyu cheeks and foie gras. Accompanied with roast butternut puree which grounds the sweetness of the meats with an earthy handhold.

Ce La Vi’s 12-item festive menu will be available till 3rd January 2016, with a slight premium on New Year’s Eve. Reservation information at sg.celavi.com.