[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]hink of bento boxes and what may come to mind is a cheap plastic lunch box divided into several sections with different ingredients in each container. Japanese online food delivery company Gochikuru destroys that notion with a wooden lunch box that costs almost SGD $3,500 and presented in the shape of a cow.

Expect four kilograms of Tottori wagyu featuring different body parts such as prime rib, tenderloin, brisket and tongue served with Kinu Musume rice from the same prefecture underneath. Tottori wagyu recently won ‘best quality beef’ at the 11th National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu, also commonly known as the ‘Wagyu Olympics’, held every five years by Japan’s Wagyu Registry Association.

Sticking with the theme of using ingredients from the same prefecture, you can dip your pieces of beef in a sauce made with pears and wasabi. Shipping within Japan only, orders can be made from their website until Mar 31 2018.

Perfect for those looking for a ready-made premium bento experience during their start-of-the-year retreat.