Circuit Breaker Cocktails Featured

With recent circuit breaking measures, it’s official. No more leaving the house unless absolutely necessary, so let’s try to get it delivered or for takeaway where possible. Not just food, but drink as well: and where you can’t buy it, why not mix it up yourself with these recipes provided by the cocktail masters themselves?

These bartenders know that fine drink is almost a necessity to get through a month of – well, each other. But more than that, unity and working together are vital for Singapore, be it for healthcare, F&B or other industries.

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Though they’ve since closed in lieu of the circuit breaking measures, sky top lounge Ce La Vi had been offering healthcare workers half off their bills at their restaurant.

Meanwhile, Barbary Coast has been offering twenty complimentary meals a night to support those in the hospitality industry – for a total of 600 suppers (though thanks to support from other industry friends, they’ve now got more than that to spare).

Temple Cellars are also offering free listings for any cocktail bar that need help with delivery on their website, with 100 per cent of the proceeds heading back to the original store. Click here to support other local cocktail bars through Temple Cellars.

At the same time though, the Singapore’s F&B industry has demonstrated their resilience with their quick reaction to the ever-changing situation. Empire Eats Group founder Howard Lo says, “The Covid-19 situation is by far the most challenging issue we have ever encountered. It’s pushing every restaurant, and many industries, into extreme distress. While we certainly wish this situation hadn’t happened, it has been amazing to watch the team respond rapidly to every new restriction as well as, in lightning speed, pivot the whole business into a delivery and online model.”

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His stable of eateries includes Standing Sushi Bar, Tanuki Raw and The Secret Mermaid – as well as the once-defunct Shinkansen, that specialises in modern Japanese protein bowls, that has since been re-opened online to meet the demands of hungry workers-from-home. “In a way this period is making our business evolve, and there will be many aspects that will be permanently beneficial for the business and us as a team once we get out of this turbulent stage,” he says.

Cocktail Circuit Breakers Old Man

Here are the cocktail recipes that’ve been provided by Singapore’s bartenders that’ll keep you busy (and hydrated) through the circuit breaker. If you don’t already own your set of tools, we recommend the Birdy Bar tools collection, brought to you by The Old Man Singapore. The tools are precision-polished by hand to provide slight aeration while chilling quickly to prevent dilution of your drinks.

Maybe when it’s all over – and Singapore’s vibrant F&B scene is back stronger than ever – pay them a visit and see how your homemade renditions compare to theirs.