[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hen chef-restaurateur Daniel Boulud drops in on his outpost at Marina Bay Sands, its social media accounts come alive with levity. Either Boulud’s in the kitchen, having a blast with the crew, or he’s holding up a selfie stick as two dozen staff contort to get in frame. Even in his absence and under executive chef Jonathan Kinsella, the same cheerfulness and down-to-earth attitude permeate the swank and convivial DB Bistro.

Dive into this exquisite seafood platter crammed with lobsters, oysters and mussels when dining at casual-chic DB Bistro.

Here you’ll find hearty food in generous portions – none of that bite-sized business that leaves you unfulfilled. If a two inch-thick beef patty stuffed with decadent foie gras and a side of butter-drenched escargot is your idea of a good night out, look no further. Don’t leave out the lobster sliders: turgid to the touch and succulent at the bite, the lobster meat yields sweet juices that are sponged up promptly by the fragrant, toasty brioche. Chase it down with a bottle of your choosing from the bistro’s veritable wine compendium, or leave it to the jovial (and very convincing) sommelier who has his pairings down to a tee.

Of course, many come for the myriad of oysters, of which we had a dozen to sample. Touch an oyster’s mantle with the tine of a lemon-dipped fork, and watch it shrink away in reflex. The more vehement the recoil, the more recent the shucking. Ours pulled in at a remarkable rate. Majority of the platter was so clean-tasting that neither tabasco nor lemon was needed; the minerality and brackishness of the brine was sufficient seasoning.

Dining at DB Bistro is a boisterous affair, with loud banter over upbeat tunes, even as noise from the shopping arcade wafts in through tall window panels that are thrown wide open. The mood is infectious, the staff are chirpy and helpful, and the food gratifying, so table this one for a delicious night out.

#B1-48, Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, S(018956)
T 6688-8525

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All tastings conducted incognito with esteemed members of G’s Food Panel.