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Dessert bars: The best places in Singapore to satisfy your sweet tooth in style

For those with a little more time to spare, let the best dessert bars in Singapore pamper you with artisanal sweet treats.

The great thing about dessert is that you always have room for it. Whether it’s a slice of ever-trendy Basque burnt cheesecake, or a pint of the good stuff while lounging on your sofa, the only real problem with dessert is making sure you aren’t getting too much of it. Some days though, dessert isn’t just about satisfying a craving: it could be as complicated and as drawn out as you’d like, and all the better for it.

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Enter dessert bars. The chefs and artisans at some of Singapore’s best dessert bars take your classic comforting dessert items and put their unique spin on it. Think saccharine treats scooped, spun and plated before your very eyes, with all sorts of culinary gadgetry. Sure, caramel spirals and lattices aren’t really that complicated to make, but showmanship counts for something (not to mention a killer photo).

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At some of these places, you’d even get to hear the chef’s thought process behind his mercurial desserts – which after all, is part of the fun. It does mean you’d have to set aside a generous chunk of time while patronising one of these bars, but trust us: it’ll be one of the best dessert experiences you can get in sunny Singapore.

  • House on the Moon

    If you come across House on the Moon at Great World City, the first thing that hits you is its strikingly elegant design that’s all angles, lines and tight corners. Next, of course, would be the artistically crafted desserts. Turkish chef Huseyin Turan’s cut his teeth alongside culinary greats - including three-Michelin-starred chef Juan Amador, at his eponymous restaurant. In fact, it was watching Amador prepare innovative desserts that inspired chef Turan’s love for dessert. He’s carried that into House on the Moon, crafting desserts that are experimental, complex and always pretty. To that end, every dessert plate at House on the Moon is crafted a la minute, with the chef explaining his philosophy behind the dishes. His signature is Moonwalk, which features a bevy of Milky Way-inspired, well, planets. These planets include mascarpone cheese mousse on vanilla sponge, yoghurt ice cream and shards of white chocolate, all atop stellar dust-esque buttermilk nut and yoghurt crumble. Every dish comes with its own tea pairing, so this is definitely a dessert experience that’s meant to be savoured.

    #01-K101 & #02-K103, Great World City. Tel: 6235-2657.