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Dumpling Festival 2020: Luxurious, treasure-filled dumplings to try

Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival - or Duanwu - with these glutinous rice dumplings packed full of luxurious goodness. Calorie counters not included.

While the verdict is still out on whether there will be any dragon boats for this year’s Duanwu festival, one thing’s for sure: the yearly dumpling appreciation is in full swing. These handcrafted delights from Chinese restaurants and eateries are filled with luxurious ingredients like Irish duck, whole abalone and conpoy. Whether you’re partial to the sweet or more traditional savoury variety, these restaurants are continuing to provide you with the dumplings necessary to make this month a festive one.

The actual date of the Dumpling Festival falls on Jun 25, or the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. By then, we still aren’t sure whether Singapore would’ve moved onto Phase 2 of reopening: though we can be sure that either way, dumplings taste just as good delivered. Just make sure not to look too closely at the calories in each of these goodie-filled dumplings. We’re especially sedentary nowadays, and it’d take more than a Zoom workout or two to undo the damage from a batch of these.

  • Dumpling festival Crystal Jade

    Crystal Jade Group

    Innovative new offerings from the group include a beautiful purple quinoa rice dumpling that sticks to the trend of offering healthy - but just as decadent - dumplings. Familiar hints of preserved radish, or chai poh, and dried shiitake mushrooms ensure that you won’t be missing out on any classic Duanwu flavours. Then again, Crystal Jade has also come up with hei bi hiam (spicy dried shrimp) dumplings – diced chicken tossed with the fiery house-made shrimp paste along with Hokkaido conpoy in a dumpling that deliciously blends local tastes with tradition.

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