Durian Fiesta 2020 Goodwood Park Hotel

If the pungent, thorny, king of fruits isn’t for you – click away. You’ve been warned. For those still here, Goodwood Park’s annual durian fiesta is back. From Mar 14 – Jun 26, durian lovers will have seven new creations joining Durian Fiesta’s feted repertoire of durian pastry delights. Every pastry promises to highlight the intense flavour of exquisite D24 and mao shan wang durians.

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A magnificent throwback to the world’s greatest ballerina Anna Pavlova’s debut in Singapore – in Goodwood Park back in 1922 – comes in the form of, naturally, a pavlova. A meringue crust is stuffed with luscious D24 durian pulp and left as is, or infused with coffee.

Durian Fiesta 2020 Pavlova

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Other highlights include: a fruit-and-floral embedded jelly topping on a D24 mousse cake and a truly decadent cake mixing generous layers of crunchy peanut butter marshmallow and D24 mousse.

Not pictured: D24 durian fritters that will be put out by stalwart Cantonese-Sichuan restaurant Min Jiang. The fritters are a chance for the masters at Min Jiang to flex their culinary muscles this Durian Fiesta – keeping the interior creme cool while deep-frying the exterior to crispy luxuriousness.

This year also sees the return of the old favourites: the exquisite mao shang wang mousse cake and Power puff will return for a limited period come May 2 – July 26.

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Pavlova available dine-in only at the Coffee Lounge and L’Espresso; visit here for a full list of Goodwood Park’s durian pastries and online orders. Alternatively, visit the Deli from 9am to 9pm daily.

22 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel. Tel: 6730-1786