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The most luxurious mooncakes this season

We've moved light years away from lotus seed paste and salted egg yolks.

  • Durian Truffle snowskin mooncakes from Golden Moments

    Truffles and durian mooncakes fromGolden Moments

    This year, durian dessert purveyors Golden Moments is pushing the envelope with a mooncake set that jams all manner of luxuries into one single package — a mao shan wang truffle mooncake. In fact, it's a truffle Russian doll with this one. There's the prized fungi, which comes in three forms: fresh Australian black winter truffles, truffle paste, and oil. These go into a dark chocolate truffle, which is then nestled in a snowskin mooncake filled with fresh mao shan wang durian flesh. The result is a blissful but heady mix of potent flavours — so tread lightly. The luxury also hits other senses. Each mooncake is enrobed in four layers of gold foil and laid into a gift box that contains an actual three-gram, 999.9, 24K gold plate that you probably shouldn't eat. The gift box also contains a teapot, teacups, and cutlery — all in everyone's favourite glittering hue. 


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