There have ever only been two options when it comes to dining – at a restaurant, or at home. Until now. The rise of the home restaurant offers the best of both worlds – hosts open up their homes and get to meet new people, while guests get a taste of authentic local food and insider tips. Much like online community Airbnb, sites like Bookalokal and Eatwith have followed the popular peer-to-peer model. Only this time, the focus is on connecting foodies from around the world.

“I started Bookalokal in my kitchen, when I was living in Brussels and hosting dinners for travellers and expats,” says Evelyne White, founder of Bookalokal. The site currently has hosts in 46 countries like Belgium, Canada and France, and will be expanding to Asia in 2016. “It is a way for hosts to share their love of food and meet new people from all over the world. Similarly, our guests love it because it is an easy way to experience life like a local, wherever they are,” says White. Unlike White, who began by hosting dinners for friends, Guy Michlin, founder of Eatwith, was inspired by his experience as a guest. It started with a meal he had at the home of a local family while vacationing in Crete five years ago, and sampled a delicious local dish of spaghetti with meat and local Cretan cheese.

But whichever position you take, the proposition of delicious food, insider travel tips, and new friendships looks good. “It’s like trying an exclusive menu which you would never be able to get at a restaurant for this price, let alone the amazing atmosphere and warmth of the home,” shares Ina, a guest on Bookalokal. Little wonder then that even locals are “showing up” in droves to sample the fare prepared by their fellow countrymen.


Check yourself into home restaurants using these online platforms.


Bookalokal’s interface is easily understandable, with filters that help you narrow down choices. Following a paleo diet, or fancy some alcohol with your meal?
Simply check the right boxes to get your options.


Picky eater with high standards? At Eatwith, the team hand-picks each host, making sure the quality of food served is up to par and that each host has a unique story to share.


Not comfortable dining at a stranger’s house miles away? Start closer to home with Asia-centric site Withlocals. It even has hosts from Singapore, which gives you a chance to try out the concept without having to leave the country.