[dropcap size=small]E[/dropcap]ven before Edge opened on the Sunday we dropped by, a queue had already formed for Singapore’s longest hotel brunch where one could get in at noon and not have to leave till 4pm. For the our meal, we could choose unlimited Veuve Clicquot brut yellow label or rose champagne, wine, beer, mojito and rum cocktails, or non-alcoholic beverages.

We were glad to receive wooden sticks with our table number on them so we could check out the interactive live stations, give our order, hand over the table-number stick and then wait for the food to be delivered.

The spacious restaurant is highly popular for its “longest hotel brunch” on Sundays.

The seafood on ice station, with chefs shucking French and Canadian oysters to keep up with demand, as well as prawns, Alaskan king crab legs, Sri Lankan mud crab claws, halved Boston lobsters, mussels and clams, had the longest queue. The seafood was decidedly fresh and, with the assortment of dipping sauces, its popularity is undeniable.

Edge’s international spread includes boldly flavoured Indian cuisine.

We dropped by the live grill station for the Ohmi wagyu from Kansai prefecture in Japan, where we put our wooden stick to good use – they delivered it later. Nearby was an unusual sight – a half-wheel raclette cheese being melted and scraped off onto a plate with boiled baby potatoes and gherkins. We left another table-number stick there. Cheese lovers will be over the moon when they catch sight of the Cheeseboard with more than 30 types of artisanal cheese – if that table could talk, it would be groaning under the weight of all that pressed curd.

A huge variety of artisanal cheeses is served.

Good things come to those who wait as well. Near the end of the brunch session, a member of the bar staff offered mojitos table to table, while a chef pushes a trolley through Edge, trying to interest guests in a slice of a whole fish served table-side. We left Edge satisfied after a relaxed brunch; it would have been perfect if not for the live band playing songs on repeat.

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Level 3, Pan Pacific Singapore, S(039595)
Tel: 6826-8240

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All tastings conducted incognito with esteemed members of G’s Food Panel.