[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]here has been no real need to reinvent the wheel at the Edge’s Sunday champagne brunch. Multiple visits a year, on a personal basis, have yielded consistently high standards in the food and service department.

Immaculate service – which eludes most buffet-style restaurants – is Edge’s strongest suit.

Still here is the faultless “stick queueing” system where you hand numbered chopsticks to live stations and continue to fill your plates elsewhere, instead of having to tough out a queue. Waitstaff will dispatch the requested dish straight to your table in a matter of minutes. Reigning in popularity, as always, are the backbone free flow of succulent Ohmi wagyu steak, sweet Boston lobster and the multitude of freshly- shucked oysters. You could turn aside to chat with a friend and have your flute fill itself with Veuve Clicquot, so subtle the beverage service can be. The well-heated dishes of a dozen cuisines clamour for attention at their respective stations, and deliver faithful and hearty versions that can pass for staple items in a dedicated restaurant.

A smorgasbord of cuisines (local delights included) ensures that diners are always spoilt for choice.

Yet the management of the restaurant isn’t resting on the formula they appear to have down to a T. Fresh initiatives like a pop-up gin cocktail bar – generous with the likes of Tanqueray and Monkey Shoulder– look to be kept as permanent features. There’s a heavenly lava cake with a gooey core of Godiva, topped with in-house vanilla ice cream, that was introduced just months ago. Bold changes aren’t shied away from, either: The entire Korean section has been replaced with herbaceous Turkish nosh.

Between the live band, unhurried pace (there’s only one brunch sitting, and it’s four hours long), tableside service (gratis) and balloon sculptor, it’s clear the customer is king within the 300-odd seater. Don’t be shy to ask for a balloon crown to match – the sculptor, in fact, spends most of her time on the adults.



Level 3, Pan Pacific Singapore, S(039595)
T 6826-8240

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