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Cross-continental flights, unexpected delays, and brushes with germ-infested airport security trays. For the frequent flyer – even those cruising on Business or First – being on the go takes its toil on the mind and body.

Common ailments include the flu, jetlag, general fatigue, and digestive issues. While some turn to prescription medication and vitamins to stay in top form, others engage in high-intensity workouts or relaxing yoga sessions to keep their immunity levels high.

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Balancing the elements

Traditional Chinese medicine cures might not sit top of mind, but that’s set to change with Eu Yan Sang’s new range of products created specially for travellers.

When it comes to the realm of traditional Chinese medicine, few establishments can rival the breadth and depth of knowledge Eu Yan Sang has amassed over the past century. When founder Eu Kong started opened a medical shop in Gopeng, Perak in 1879, he did not foresee that 140 years on, the family-run Eu Yan Sang brand would grow into a public company with retail shops and clinics in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and even Australia.

Eu Yan Sang Cordyceps 100% Hirsutella Sinensis Capsules
Eu Yan Sang’s 100% Hirsutella Sinensis Cordyceps capsule

Travellers looking for quick way to boost energy levels, improve their stamina, and reinforce the immune system can pick up Eu Yan Sang’s 100% Hirsutella Sinensis Cordyceps capsules. The capsules contain Hirsutella Sinensis, a strain of cordyceps that is 99.6% genetically identical to wild cordyceps, and is said to possess bioactive compounds capable of helping to boost one’s vitality. Its convenient capsule form makes it easy for one to swallow it with some water or mix its contents with other beverages.

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Eu Yan Sang Herbal Soup Pack
Eu Yan Sang’s Soup Apothecary, a box set of four nourishing soups

Those who prefer to settle down post-flight with a comforting and nourishing bowl of soup can pick up Eu Yan Sang’s Soup Apothecary, a box set of four nourishing herbal soups ranging from Ba Zhen Chicken Soup with Ginseng & Cordyceps to Luo Han Guo (monk fruit) Herbal Soup.

Eu Yan Sang Jewel Bird's Nest
Raw bird’s nest from Eu Yan Sang

For a luxurious, nutrient-rich treat, there’s nothing like a bowl of bird’s nest – best consumed on an empty stomach to optimise the absorption of nutrients. Known as the ‘caviar of the East’, the delicacy contains digestible proteins believed to provide respiratory support and overall health nourishment. Eu Yan Sang will sell three variants – Jewel, Crystal, and Golden Cave – of raw bird’s nest in a variety of pack sizes.

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This new range of Eu Yan Sang products will be available in selected airports and airlines over the coming months. Eu Yan Sang products are available onboard major airlines in Asia Pacific, including Singapore Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines and Jetstar.

Those attending the Tax Free World Association Asia Pacific Exhibition and Conference, held at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Expo in May 2019, can drop by the Eu Yan Sang stand at Basement 2, 2-E26 to view and sample the brand’s new travel retail products.