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Life, it seems, is beginning to return to normalcy: as Singapore eases into Phase 1 of the post-circuit breaker period, other countries like France, Italy and Greece are beginning to reopen. Though the world at large remains unsure about non-essential travel, countries like Italy are banking on tourism to help revive its economy post-outbreak. However, it’s unlikely that international travel will be an option anytime soon – which is why luxury hotels and resorts have these cultural experiences lined up to sate your travel needs.

And while you’re participating in these cultural activities, whether it be a traditional Balinese dance or learning how to whip up some classic Omani cuisine, just remember that booking a trip ahead of time might help some of these brands get back on their feet faster. At the same time, don’t expect travel to be the same as it was in 2019.

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Airlines and hospitality brands worldwide have changed. They’ve begun preparations to ensure safe travelling – for work or for play – can resume. While it might take a while to iron out the kinks, you can be sure that they’re committed to ensuring that your safety, and of those around you, will be well taken care of.

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For now, we’d avoid planning trips to any crowded tourist hotspots with barely any elbow room to spare (think the Louvre or the Sistine Chapel). Instead, opt for a relaxing resort holiday on a quiet cay. After all, there’s nothing like a little bit of surf and sun after being stuck indoors for the last few months. Else, you can always enjoy the amenities and experiences that are available in your favourite luxury hotel, while spending a little time with your loved ones without the lurking spectre of work-from-home or home-based-learning.