As we inch closer to Father’s Day (and inexorably towards Phase 2), you’ve probably noticed that meal kits are in vogue right now. Pretty much everyone’s hopped on the DIY train – we’ve even covered it once for Mother’s Day (check them out, all of them are still valid).

There’s a few obvious benefits of meal kits over delivery. For one, the food is always freshly cooked and exactly the way you’d like – especially important for time-sensitive dishes like pasta or steak. Furthermore, restaurants that’ve provided the meal kits have usually done all the mise en place for you, giving you a chance to really feel like a home chef without all the time doing prep work.

It also lets you focus on what’s important: whipping up a great stay-at-home meal for your father or father-figure. Who knows? It might even give you the confidence to whip up home feasts completely on your own in the future. Until then, here are some meal kits for restaurant-standard Father’s Day menus completely at home.