Ristorante Cavallino

The iconic Ristorante Cavallino, situated opposite the marque’s factory, has opened again after two years, now with a new look and a rejuvenated menu.

Once a farmhouse that housed the company’s canteen, the eatery was converted into Ristorante Cavallino in 1950, and eventually became the favorite haunt of Enzo Ferrari.  It was so beloved by him that he was said to visit the restaurant twice a day up till the time he passed in 1988.  

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Within the quaint confines of the trattoria in Maranello, Italy, Ferrari met with some of the biggest names in motorsports – including Formula 1 driver, Jackie Stewart, and Dutch Royalty, Prince Bernard, and various Hollywood stars.  It was also frequented by the engineers and staff that made Ferrari the marque it is today and was a space that held many a celebration of Scuderia victories.

After closing in late 2019, Ferrari has roped in Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura to reinvigorate the menu with his expertise in the history of the region, while balancing tradition with a modern, avant-garde touch. 

Ristorante Cavallino

Among other interesting choices off the menu are Anguilla alla brace, or grilled eel filled with pigeon, Campione marinade, and pickled vegetables; and Guancia di vitello all’Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale Veal cheek with Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, potato purée and spinach.  

According to Bottura, “Cavallino serves a hearty Emilian cuisine, where every dish tells a story. It is the kind of cuisine that you just can’t say no to.”

The new Ristorante Cavallino also features its revamped retro meets modern design by Parisian architect and designer India Mahdavi.  The space consists of a main room as well as a grill room, where you can view the peaceful, foliage-filled outdoor dining area through the arched windows.  The interior is spotted with the famous prancing horse logo in wallpaper, art pieces and plates, as well as flushed with bright colours opening the space up to new liveliness.

With this remastering of the menu and restaurant space, the car brand hopes to invigorate design and culinary circles, as well as the fanatics of the brand.

Secure a seat in the restaurant on the Ferrari website – when travel is possible again. 

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