Is your caffeine habit affecting your sleep and productivity? This app helps you understand how coffee, energy drinks, cola and even chocolate drinks can affect your metabolism and keep you awake at night. Best of all, it tells you when you are buzzed and estimates when you will finally be ready to sleep. Simply key in some personal details, such as your gender, weight and caffeine tolerance, and remember to log in each time you knock back anything caffeinated.
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Four hundred of the world’s leading chefs, including David Chang, Ferran Adria and Rene Redzepi, share their favourite places to eat, from destination restaurants and fine-dining establishments to late-night haunts and neighbourhood eateries. This app features more than 2,000 entries, and is essential for anyone who appreciates great food. $18.98.
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Get restaurant, bar and grocery recommendations from 600-plus famous chefs, bartenders, sommeliers, baristas, butchers, food artisans and other culinary luminaries, with the app. There are currently over 4,500 entries in more than 150 cities and towns around the world, with more being added every day. The app lets you customise lists, too, like My Favourite Coffee Bars or Cheese Shops To Try. Free. For iOS.

Want to know what top-tier chefs order when they dine out? This handy app features restaurant and food recommendations written exclusively by big names like Mario Batali and Thomas Keller. As well as dining tips, the app lets you plan meals and notifies you of specials and events taking place at the chefs’ restaurants around the world. Free. For iOS
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Selecting that perfect bottle of wine amid hundreds in a shop can be a daunting task. It is not as if you can tell how a wine tastes by reading the label – or can you? With this app, simply take a photo of the wine label to instantly get ratings, descriptions and tasting notes from industry insiders. You can also use the app to keep track of your favourite wines and share recommendations with friends. It also works for beer and spirits. Free. For iOS.